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  • Joe Tacopina

    Known as the The Rocky Balboa of Criminal Defense Law, The Devil’s Advocate, and The War Machine, Joseph “Joe” Tacopina is a New York City based criminal defense lawyer and the Owner & President of Venezia Football Club in Italy   Representing some of the most high-profile cases and clients including the NYPD, Alex Rodriguez, [...] More
  • Joan Laporta

    Nacido y criado en Barcelona, Joan Laporta es uno de los ejecutivos y presidentes de club más influyentes y reconocidos de la historia del fútbol   Aficionado del Barça de toda la vida, Laporta empezó a estar vinculado profesionalmente al club cuando lideró “Elefant Blau”, un grupo del que también formaban parte Albert Vicens, Jordi [...] More
  • Jérôme de Bontin

    Originally from Paris, France, Jérôme is one of the most prominent football minds in the U.S. After graduating from Amherst College, MA, he started his career on Wall Street, which laid the foundation for a long and successful career in finance. His passion for the game has kept him involved in multiple different roles, as [...] More
  • David Downs

    David Downs is one of the most prominent executives in US Soccer history with a career spanning over three decades. Today his involvement with the game is mainly spent coaching youth teams just north of NYC in Westchester County   Most recently he served as the Commissioner of the NASL (North American Soccer League) through [...] More
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